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New (Maybe a little good) Game!

2010-11-18 13:33:12 by Flaz

"After my fail PingPong game that I deleted, I now published this game.

Click on the enemy ships to get points, and on GOOD ships, and you lose points!

(Sorry, but there is a bug so you only can re-play the game 2 times, and then you have to re-load the game site. Don't know why, sorry.)"

Description of game.

Com'on, play it now!

Game deleted!

2010-11-18 12:48:55 by Flaz

My game was very bad, I begin to see that now. And also all members mean the same.

I have deleted it to make NG clean for sucker games like mine.

I'm sorry.

First FLAZ game out!

2010-11-18 10:34:45 by Flaz

PingPong BETA is now out! Just need to be approved!

New Art!

2010-11-06 05:08:12 by Flaz

My new art, Nigima is now published.


Interview with Owen-Powell

2010-10-10 04:37:10 by Flaz

Quistion 1: What's your favourite food?

"i can always go for sushi"

Quistion 2: What's your favourite game?

"final fantasy 11.. ive always been a huge mmorpg fan, and ffxi is about as good as it gets"

Quistion 3: Who is your favourite creator on NG?

"aside from myself? :d poderodunk for making this chat"

Quistion 4: What do you like most in NG?

" the games of course! :d"

Thanks for the interview Owen-Powell!

I will soon make more interviews. Just wait.

Got medal

2010-10-09 12:21:56 by Flaz

I got a medal in Sydney shark! I'm so happy!